Welcome to our BACK US campaign 2019


Our BACK US campaign is back for 2019 and it's packed with Exclusive & limited rewards only available to those who back us, some of our rewards are so limited there's only 1 available!

2019 sees a new addition to the campaign, we've introduced stretch goals, once we hit a set number of backers we'll release new exclusive rewards for all the backers of the stated reward tier, so the more backers we have, the more rewards you receive.


Why do we need backers?

Well that's a good question, but it's not a straightforward answer. We want to grow and do some cool new things but we don't have millions in the bank.

From time to time we may need to replace old equipment, both in the office and our event set ups, or if were looking to increase the product ranges we offer, there are big costs involved. Along with this we want to continue to support the awesome events like the Muckmedden events, the SDA, Go Big Or Go Home and so more, we also want to support the amazing home grown talent and continue to give value for money to our awesome customers.

Having the backing of you amazing people make all we aim to do possible.


Why back us?

When you back us you will get the best nights sleep ever knowing you've been amazing and helped a local, Scottish brand towards its dream. But that's not all, you also reap the rewards of being awesome. You pick the level you want to back us at and we send you a box packed with exclusives and limited merchandise.


What are stretch goals?

Well, in short, as more people choose to back us, more awesome merch goes in the reward boxes. There are a set numbers of backers we need to hit to release the additional exclusive products. see the BACK US campaign page for the details 


Should I tell my friends about this?

Yes, yes you should


When will I get my box of radness?

We aim to start dispatching reward boxes mid-late July, as we start sending the packs out we'll let everyone know so you can sit at home and wait for the post like an excited kid.


You mentioned plans, but what are the plans?

in 2019 we have big plans, really big plans, here are just a few of the things we have lined up and see how the funds we raise will help us move forward:

  • We aim to launch our 1st full retail set up as we take over most of Inkredible Kreation's store area. This is a massive deal for us as it will require a huge increase in the product range we currently have to fill the space. Our aim is to expand our clothing offering and our range of watches.


  • Re-launch the Square Extreme, we'll be bringing back the classic colours and a host of new designs and colours - more on this to follow


  • New watch range - we really want to grow the range of watches we offer in 2019 we plan to re-launch the Square Extreme and launch at least 2 new watch lines.


We have so much more planned and over the next few months we'll reveal more, in the meantime each week we'll give you an update on our campaign via our blog so be sure to check back each week.