Welcome to our 1st weekly update.


following the launched our BACK US campaign last week we've had some feedback from you, there seemed to be 2 common points to the feedback

  • Backed us last year & looking for something as an alternative to the MC75 Lava edition
  • a few different price points for reward tiers

We've listened and we've heard you, for anyone who backed us last year and wants to back us this year with an alternative to the MC75 Lava Edition watch in the reward tier, simply comment in the comments box at checkout and we'll remove the MC75 and replace it with an Alternative product (yet to be confirmed, watch this space for details)

We're considering 2 additional reward tier price points - while we work on these options please feel free to keep that feedback coming, we need the support of all our awesome backers, friends and fans. We want to make sure the reward packs we set up are as packed with rad merch as possibly.

Over the coming weeks we will start to reveal just some of the exclusive rewards you could get your hands on if you choose to back us, all BACK US exclusive rewards will not be for sale out with the campaign.


We're also hoping over the coming weeks to get better at blogging!


Thanks for reading and catch you on our social pages


Ben & the Horizon Team