Seems just like yesterday that we launched our BACK US campaign, but we've now passed the half way point so we thought we'd give you an update on what's been happening at Horizon HQ.


First off let me just say a massive thank you to everyone who has joined our campaign and chosen to back us, this really does make a difference to what we can achieve during the year ahead.

After reviewing our campaign from last year realised that the more backers we had join our campaign, the more we could add to each reward tier, that's why this year we introduced our STRETCH GOALS.

Our STRETCH GOALS are a way of us saying thank you as more people join in and to see if we could encourage backers to tell their friends about the campaign. We also wanted to see if it would encourage backers to 'stretch' themselves to move to the next tier up.

Here's how the Stretch Goals work: – once we reach the number of required backers we’ll add the following exclusive products to the stated tier reward packs.

  • 15 backers – All backers of TIER 2 & above will receive an exclusive Horizon air freshener.
  • 25 backers – All backers of TIER 3 & above will receive an exclusive bar blade bottle opener.
  • 35 backers – All backers of TIER 4 & above will receive…we’ll reveal this when we hit 25 backers
  • 50 backers – All backers of TIER 3 & above will receive…we’ll reveal this when we hit 35 backers

for example once we reach 15 backers, every backer of tier 2 and above will receive the stated rewards within their chosen tier + an exclusive air freshener.

So far we have 6 backers which is a great start, but we need your help, we need you to tell all your friends and family about the campaign. We really want to unlock those stretch goal exclusives




Some of you keen eye people spotted our tier 8 and that it comes with some of our new design Square Extreme watches, on the back of this we've had a few questions so we thought we'd answer some here:

Is the Square Extreme coming back?

In short, yes. The plan is to re-launch it in the coming months

Will it be available out with the BACK US campaign?

The plan is to make it available out with the campaing

 How much will the Square Extreme cost?

As yet we haven't set this figure - we should have it ready for the announced re-launch

What colours will it be available in?

 We have so many new colours and designs planned it's insane, We are also planning to bring back some of the classic colours and they'll be some colours available for a limited period of time.