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About Us

HORIZON was founded in February 2012, by 5 brothers with a shared vision, to create a brand greater than the sum of its parts. That brand is bold, new and original. That brand is HORIZON.

Mixing our combined interests of Skate, BMX, Mountain Biking , Motocross and Snowboard we created a brand infused with a sense of all these things. Perfectly styled to suit the requirements of these passions and tough enough to withstand all the elements - water, earth and air... (Ok, so we’re working on fire proof.)

The brand might be new to the scene, but we’re not. We're already making quick headway from sponsoring our own Athletes from around the world, across many different disciplines (BMX, MTB, Motor racing, Snowboard, and more!) to being official sponsors of different sporting events.

Our featured watches are just the very start. We’re always looking to improve and refine. This is just the start of something big. So keep your eyes on the HORIZON, and take a look around.